A gift that keeps on giving

Cefas Oliveira

Araquari, Brazil

2018 – Until present

Since 2015, Harvest Brazil has worked with indigenous people in the Tarumã Village, focusing their actions in four areas of growth and development: health, education, employment and housing. Their Samaritan Strategy (SamS) project in Bahia multiplied with new contacts for the SamS project in Araquari.  Humberto and Eva, leaders in Bahia, introduced Paulo and Beatriz to Harvest.  Paulo is a retired policeman and came with a wonderful experience working with the Parecis tribe in the west of Brazil.  They developed great affinity around the work with the Guaranys.  Cleiton and Elly visited them and presented Harvest and the SamS program.  As a result, they were interested to participate in a SamS project with focus on the Guaranys, where the following actions have shown progress in the four areas of Luke 2.52:

Wisdom – The newly opened school became fully operational. Cefas led a round table with the village leaders and the regional secretary of education. In May 2019, Cefas organized a vision conference that mobilized 46 people (29 face-to-face and 17 online participants) to revitalize, contextualize and strengthen the concepts of biblical wholism and community development for the indigenous community.

Physical – The city hall installed a collective trash bin that is collected three times a week, reducing trash in the village and helping the community be healthier. Rosali, Cefas wife and a school teacher, received donations of school desks (from the school where she teaches) to the Guarany school house.

Spiritual – Graciliano, the Guarany shaman, was very sick.  Diogenes prayed for him and he recovered to the glory of God! Paulo invited Graciliano to listen to an excerpt from the Bible recorded in Guarany.

Social – Beatriz connected with Tatiane, a Guarany young girl, who shared her desire and her dream to know the world beyond the village. Beatriz encouraged her by showing photos of other tribes in Brazil and presented her with a bracelet of the Nambikwara people.  In return, Tatiane gave Beatriz a handicraft made by her.


The SamS project in Araquari has awakened several churches for the indigenous cause. It is currently multiplying in two villages, Jabuticabeiras I and II.

For the indigenous people of Brazil, their salvation and plight for civil rights.

Expansion of this project to other villages.

Financial support, and more workers.