Prayer Letter

November 15, 2018

Harvest Brazil invites people to obey a global calling at a local level, equipping churches to demonstrate God’s love in every area of life.

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In loving memory of Dr. Roberto K. Kikawa

Dr. Roberto Kikawa, a disciple of Jesus Christ, gastroenterologist, developed an affordable and sustainable system bringing teams of medical professionals to offer healthcare and health education services to low-income communities in Brazil.  His model of adapting advanced medical centers in trucks earned him the 2010 Social Entrepreneur Award (Schwab Foundation and Folha de São Paulo).  At the age of 48, approached by two armed men, he was a victim of urban violence in São Paulo, a reality that was against the one Dr. Kikawa propagated through his testimony and deeds.  Through his legacy, over 2 million patients were attended by 600 professionals.


Let’s join the Kikawa family and friends in prayer, as they mourn the loss of Dr. Roberto. Please pray for the continuity of the cause that he started, providing specialized affordable health care for low income people.  Also pray against the increase of violence in Brazil.

We invite you to pray for the progress of Samaritan Strategy projects among the Japanese-Brazilian population and their coordinators, Steve Kawamura and Sergio Kaoru Ayoama.  We met Dr. Kikawa through the dedicated work of these two Harvest associates and pray that the Lord may multiply their opportunities to encourage social entrepreneurs in God’s Kingdom.

Let’s pray for the presidential transition in Brazil, for the upcoming surgery of the newly elected President, Mr. Bolsonaro, the new cabinet to be appointed, and their government plans.

 Let’s thank the Lord for a blessed year for Harvest Brazil, our competent and united team, protection in many travels, and the fruit of over 4,000 participants in our events.  We pray with gratitude for you, dear friend, thanking you for supporting us in many ways, so that we can obey this calling.

A schoolhouse causes thanksgivings to overflow

The schoolhouse in Araquari is built!  This is a landmark and a great blessing, offering a safe, clean, and comfortable place for the students.  Other blessings, like ripple effects, took place because of this building project:

The Bible became important for the Guaranys, they received copies of the Scriptures in their own language and have been instructed in the Word of God.  Sergio, a bi-lingual teacher, read 2 Peter 1.3 in Guarany at the inauguration ceremony of the schoolhouse and Edemilson, the chief, started his speech saying, “First, we thank God for what is happening here.”

The Guaranys were trained in construction skills and have used those skills to improve their own houses and the infra-structure of their village.

The Brazilian government employed three Guarany teachers, a janitor, and a cook for the schoolhouse.  Their work is supervised by professionals from the department of education.

The gospel has been proclaimed in many ways by pastors and members of about fifteen churches that visit the village on a regular basis.

The Guaranys have made new friends.  People from schools and churches visit them periodically and learn about their history and customs.  As a result, there is better understanding among people of different cultures.

The Lord has done more than we could ask of imagine for the Guaranys.  We thank Him profusely!

“All this is for your benefit, so that the grace that is reaching more and more people may cause thanksgiving to overflow to the glory of God.” 2 Corinthians 4.15

Your gift is an investment to educate church leaders and to do community projects, $30 will provide the scholarship for a module of English or music classes.  We invite you to pray and contribute now!

Checks: written to “Harvest” and mailed to P. O Box 2670, Phoenix, AZ 85002.  Credit card: click on the “Donate” button on this page.  Add a note to the check or write on the comments box for online donations: “Harvest Brazil”.

Thank you for your participation!