Prayer Letter

Harvest Brazil invites people to obey a global calling at a local level, equipping churches to demonstrate God’s love in every area of life.

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Let’s praise the Lord for the events and participants reached by our ministry last month:
In the area of training, a new Samaritan Strategy project started in the state of Rio de Janeiro (San Francisco de Itabapoana).  Diógenes leads this project, may the Lord grant him journey mercies and anoint the teaching.

In the area of projects, the Lord has blessed the participants with great progress:  The English students started module 4 and are becoming proficient as they learn the new language.  Thank the Lord for the volunteer teachers, Gabriela, Celso, and Andressa. The music students learned to play in beautiful harmony.  Thank the Lord for the teacher, Rick.The Guarany schoolhouse is ready and a new video tells the story.  Thank the Lord for Cefas, the volunteers who labored for the conclusion of this project, and for Leandro, who made the video. Prayer meetings have been the highlight of the International Harvest Church.  May the Lord guide and reveal His plans for the leadership of the church.

Let’s pray for the presidential elections in Brazil, Mr. Bolsonaro, who spent much of the campaign in hospital after being stabbed at a rally, secured 46 per cent of the vote, beating Mr. Haddad’s 29 per cent, but falling just shy of the absolute majority required to win the election in the first round. The presidential vote will now go to an October 28 run-off.  May the Lord intervene and bring a leader of integrity for our country.

  Let’s pray for the family of each worker, as we make plans for 2019, our desire is that our families are united around God’s calling and able to collaborate with each other in significant ways.

Workers in the harvest field

We pray to the Lord of the harvest to send out workers to His harvest field (Luke 10.2), knowing that these workers need to be equipped and encouraged to move on with their callings.  “2.2 million.  That is the estimated number of pastors in the developing world who lack formal biblical training.  And to think they are leading, unprepared, in contexts where believers are up against urgent issues like civil war, social injustice, sex trafficking, HIV/AIDS, how to care for orphans and widows – it is staggering reality.” (Langham.org) Even without the specific statistics for Brazil, the religious and social situation confirms that the lack of biblical training for church leaders is a sad reality in the country.

The Harvest Brazil team (picture) works to reverse this situation while envisioning and equipping the Church to reflect Jesus, the Chief Servant.  This year, we had 1,780 participants in our trainings and provided 225 coaching sessions to leaders who impacted their communities in positive ways.  They channeled God’s blessings to over 900 people through loving service, like the Guaranys who now have a school in their village, and the needy teenagers who are learning music.

The Lord has sent out workers to His harvest field.  Do you know any of them? Let them know about our work today, we will be glad to help them find ways to obey this global calling at a local level and with great joy!

Harvest Brazil Team

Your gift is an investment to educate church leaders and to do community projects, $30 will provide the scholarship for a module of English or music classes.  We invite you to pray and contribute now!

Checks: written to “Harvest” and mailed to P. O Box 2670, Phoenix, AZ 85002.  Credit card: click on the “Donate” button on this page.  Add a note to the check or write on the comments box for online donations: “Harvest Brazil”.

Thank you for your participation!