Thank you – You blessed us in many ways, your prayers, friendship, and financial support have enabled us to obey this calling, and we are much grateful.

Brazil – In an unprecedented event, a Christian judge sentenced Lula da Silva, a former President of Brazil accused of corruption, to serve nine years and a half in prison.  May the Lord continue to intervene and bring forth His justice to the political area of our nation.

Harvest Brazil equips churches to demonstrate God’s will in every area of lifeSamaritan Strategy projects are training projects to develop church leaders.They have four phases: network, training, coaching, and multiplication.Here are some highlights of our work last month.Network: Pastor Herivelton planned to take 1 hour and 30 minutes of his busy schedule to drive Pastors Cleiton Oliveira and Sergio Kaoru Aoyama from Salvador to Feira de Santana (Bahia State).  However, due to bad traffic, that ride took him 4 hours.  After this long trip, his family had food, shower, and room prepared, so that on the next day they could be on the road again and reach their final destination.  We want to thank Pastors Herivelton Ferreira de Oliveira, his wife, CeliaHumberto Santana dos Santos, his wife, Eva, and all families who so kindly opened their homes to host members of Harvest Brazil in their mission trips.  Without their amazing collaboration, the trainings would not have happened.  This is one example in which our pastors network and bring unity to the Body of Christ – with meetings, hospitality, transportation, meals, preparation of training materials, and co-teaching in training events.  Thank you everyone!

Diogo, Kaoru, Cleiton home visit
Training: After a training event with Pastor Sergio Kaoru AoyamaEdison Yamamoto’s commitment to follow Jesus increased, and he enthusiastically started to spread the gospel in different corporations, where he works as consultant. Like Kaoru, other twenty-six Harvest trainers shared biblical instruction and life experiences to equip leaders in five states of Brazil.  We always hope that the sessions will help leaders learn new skills, but often the results go beyond what we can imagine and, as it happened with Edison, starting with the church, they have reached several business sectors with God’s healing.
Brejões – Before training
Coaching: In São Paulo, Clayton Estevam Dias, executive and owner of “Planet Fit”, a fitness center, was encouraged by the teachings of Pastors Sergio Kaoru AoyamaSteve Kawamura, and Diógenes Nascimento de Jesus.  A series of coaching sessions helped him make the decision to start “Humaniza”, a NGO that collects and sells used furniture and clothes, investing the earnings in the rehabilitation of drug users, thus blessing many people. Clayton is one example – like him, we assisted other 44 people with 27 coaching sessions last month, equipping church leaders to model what they teach.
Cefas and the Guaranys
Multiplication:  Our project in Feira de Santana, Bahia, multiplied in another project at Km 100, which multiplied in another project in Brejoens, where three churches were reached, and where Pastors Diogo Alves Pinto, Humberto Santana dos Santos, andAdilson Andrade, work.  With their respective experiences as graph designer, lawyer, and farm administrator, they are helping churches grow in all areas, holding services, evangelizing people, counseling families, but also reducing violence among students in public schools, and caring for environmental resources, especially bringing clean water to remote areas.  We thank the Lord for the multiplication that has taken place in our work.
Brejões Team
Seed project:  Along with local churches in the state of Santa Catarina, Harvest Brazilhas done over 13 seed projects with the Guaranys.  After seeing the results of the seed projects, their neighbors, including big corporations, also wanted to help.  One of their initiatives was to improve the road that gives access to the village, blessing the Guaranys, everyone who needs access to their village, and the corporation itself, which was gratified by the opportunity to participate.
Cleiton – Humberto – Kaoru 

You prayed for our busy schedule while traveling last month, 65 hours in plane trips (layover included), and 26 hours on road trips.   God granted us safe journeys, good health, and fruitful work.  We thank and praise Him for these blessings.

The Harvest Brazil team keeps growing like Jesus.  They are dedicated, available to serve, mature, and able to help pastors and their congregations thrive, even when they need to make difficult decisions and serve under challenging circumstances.  Please pray for good health and provision for our 27 team members and their families.

While training pastors and volunteers, we pray for those they reach with the gospel, may the Lord be manifested as Savior to the Guaranys, drug users in rehabilitation, teenagers reached in schools, farmers in rural areas of Bahia, and inmates learning to plant gardens in Camboriu.  Praise God for Edison and Clayton, for their commitment to follow Jesus and serve in the expansion of His Kingdom.  May the Lord continue to provide, protect, and give them peace. Thank you!