Prayer Letter
July 31, 2018

Harvest Brazil invites people to obey a global calling at a local level, equipping churches to demonstrate God’s love in every area of life.

Cleiton Oliveira – coliveira@harvestfoundation.org
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Praise the Lord for the events and participants reached by our ministry in the first semester of 2018:

**In countless miles of travel, the Lord has guarded our 13 team members and 87 workers training churches in remote areas of Brazil.  **In our network, we had 69 events and contacted 541 participants.  **God allowed significant expansion in our trainings, with 118 events and 1,780 participants.  **Coaching meetings for pastors and leaders qualified 225 participants in 97 events.  **We commissioned 39 workers to train pastors in servant leadership.  **We held 713 events benefiting 994 people through small-scale projects such as family counseling, a community brick oven built in a squatter area, prayer vigils, and social gatherings with the Guaranys.

Pray for the family of each worker, especially Nilza Kawamura (wife of Steve Kawamura), whose mother, Mrs. Maria Murayama, passed away this month.  May the Lord comfort her family and friends.

Fruitful semester for Harvest Brazil

There is a hunger for unity and relevance in the churches.  “But, how to do it?” was the most frequent question that the Harvest Brazil team sought to answer through the 998 events with 3,579 participants in the first semester of 2018.  Through these events, pastors and leaders of 13 churches discovered ways to express principles of biblical citizenship, meaning the knowledge of biblical principles and how to put them into practice.  In addition to the trainings of the Samaritan Strategy program, the four current projects in our ministry –launching the Harvest International Church, putting doors and windows in the Guarany school, and teaching English and music lessons—are extensions of the trainings that have become precious opportunities for practical discipleship.  We invite you to pray with us right now, thanking God for the fruitful semester that we had at Harvest Brazil and for the churches that are moving from apathy to a lifestyle of unity and relevance.  May the Lord use the biblical citizenship they display and advance His Kingdom in many communities.

Your gift is an investment to educate church leaders and to do community projects, $30 will provide the scholarship for a module of English or music classes.  We invite you to pray and contribute today!

Checks: written to “Harvest” and mailed to P. O Box 2670, Phoenix, AZ 85002.  Credit card: click on the “Donate” button below.  Add a note to the check or write on the comments box for online donations: “Harvest Brazil”.

Thank you for your participation!