January – February Moffitt Update
Volume 44, Issue 1

Dear Encouragers

Jan 5-11 – Namesake Reunion
I have three namesakes in Africa.  The first is Cliff Moffitt.  He is 30 years old and is working in Kampala, Uganda with a firm that packages and ships solar panels and appliances for people who live off the grid.  I became friends with his then teenage father, Andrew, in 1965 while on a motorcycle trip through Africa when we began a life-long brotherhood. The second is 14-year-old Bob Junior, the son of a Christian brother who began to implement in his impoverished community what he heard me teach in 1998.  Our children, Tasha and Barak, have helped him build a secondary school there.  The third is 12-year-old Bob-Sam, the son of Harvest’s regional leader in Africa.  At 12, Bob Sam is almost as tall as I am.  I’ve told him that I am glad I now know him before he becomes a giant!

The four of us and two adult chaperones for the two younger namesakes gathered in Kampala, Uganda. This was the first time we had been together and the first time two of them had met.  We spent the week in Cliff Moffitt’s apartment while touring the sites in Kampala and spending two days on the Nile River where we fished the Nile’s headwaters, Lake Victoria. Our young teenager guide and boat captain told us that the Nile Perch we caught and released was the largest fish he had caught with clients. God, give me the grace to be an example of an under-shepherd of Jesus to these very special young men.

From L to R: Bob Junior, Bob Sam, The “Original” Bob

From L to R: Me, Bob Junior, Bob Sam, and Cliff Moffit

Jan 13-15 – Bishop’s Consultation
Because I was already in Kampala, I spent three days with the two pastor-leaders I invited to the General Assembly of the World Evangelical Alliance last November – Bishops Joshua Lwere and Franco Onaga. They are leaders of multiple thousands of Ugandan followers of Jesus.  We brainstormed about strategies for the discipleship of their nation.

Jan 28-29 – Board Meetings
Both Harvest and DNA held board meetings a day apart.  I chair both groups.  One of the highlights of our Harvest Board Meeting was the report of 2019 statistics.  These include the following:

The board also approved a new initiative for Harvest.  It is to produce ten new videos that will inspire and encourage pastors in different geographic (urban, rural, etc.) and ethnic (African, Asian, and Latin) contexts to disciple their people to be the hands and feet of Jesus in their respective communities.  We are calling this initiative “The Hands and Feet of Jesus” video project.

Feb 2 – Supporting Church Global Resource Team
One of my supporting churches, Scottsdale Bible Church, invited me to share global trends in discipleship with its mission’s Global Resource Team.

Feb 15-23 – Supporting Church Missions Conference
The last few days I have had the privilege of attending and sharing at the week-long mission conference of another supporting church, Grace Bible Church.  It has been years since I have seen a large church as committed to missions and its missionaries as GBC.  As far as I can see they truly live out the theme of this year’s meetings – “Across the Street and Around the World.”

Every day Judy and I have been hosted for lunch by couples or small groups.  They are all involved in outreach initiatives in their local community or international efforts connected with the church’s global mission efforts.

We lost Keith Edwards to Alzheimer’s on February 10.  Keith and his wife, Ann, served Harvest for many years after he retired from the aero-space industry. Keith was a close and trusted colleague.  Please be in prayer for Ann and the family.

I have a scheduled pastoral training in early March in Mongolia. The session is currently on hold because of the Corona Virus.  Please pray for the Lord’s wisdom.

One of the things that encourages me in my journey is surprise awareness of what God is doing through our ministry.  Earlier this week, I received the following from a ministry similar to Harvest.

“God is expanding LoveServes, using your book (If Jesus Were Mayor) for training of Pastors!  We are now in Guatemala and US!  We also use your book for US Pastors! They too need to read what it looks like to care for “the least of these!” Be encouraged knowing your living legacy is impacting 1000s of Pastors!!!”

Thank You
Judy and I want to again thank you for your encouragement through relationship, prayer and financial support.

Bob and Judy Moffitt